customer relation management – Crm software


CRM goal

The main idea of CRM is to help businesses to maximize their human resources and technology to increase and manage their customers, competitors and markets. If an organization could achieve this, then

  • Helps top executives make big decisions
  • Clustering is booming in the organization
  • Marketing and sales opportunities increase
  • Selling sales staff to make faster sales contracts
  • Facilitate sales and marketing processes
  • Find new customers
  • Respond faster to customer requests
  • The development of the company's products and services is faster
  • Reduces advertising costs


?What is information management and customer relationship management

Given the strong fluctuations in demand and increased competition in markets, many organizations are trying to create a strategy that integrates all components of an organization, shares information among all users, and prevents futile repetition of work. This information is provided at the right time to the people who need it, that is, all employees and everything is connected and connected, and the departure of one from the organization will not disrupt anything in the organization. CRM is not just a software tool that can make your card better, CRM is a philosophy that is trying to create a strategy in the same direction


:Main areas of CRM software

Marketing: Provides information about competitors, market trends, and macro-environmental variables

The sales department automates: some of the sales processes and sales management of the company. It collects and tracks information about purchasing habits, customer tastes and demographics, and the efficiency of sales staff 

Customer service department: The agent is the automation of some services, such as requesting information, complaints, returning products, and so on


:CRM software features

A) Sales process and customer service

In this process, all stages of customer relationship, from the marketing and sales to the after-sales service and receiving feedback from the customer, are transferred to an individual or department (sales department of the organization), so that other parts of the organization, such as the service unit After sales, they can have a history of each customer without having to go to this person or group.

The operating part of the CRM typically includes three general business areas that include

  • Automation of sales operations or SFA operations
  • Support and customer service or CSS
  • Automation of marketing operations or EMA

B) Analysis of data from the sales process and services

There are tools and methods that analyze operational data from CRM and prepare its results for business management. In fact, the operational and analytical part of the software is in a two-way interaction; operational data is provided to the analyst; after analyzing the data, the results will have a direct impact on the operation segment. With the help of analyzes in this section, customers are categorized and the organization's focus on a particular segment of customers is provided

C) The process of continuous communication with the client and maintaining him

In this process, the customer uses the easiest way to communicate with the organization, such as telephone, mobile phone, fax, Internet and other methods. The software manages the customer relationship with the client's method, the more processes (from data collection to processing and customer referrals) reach the responsible person as soon as possible, causing the client's reconnection and continued communication. With participation.