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  • Customer Orientation

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management

  • VOIP telephone system

    The technology of voice transmission is network-based, which allows the making of telephone calls over the network of IP networks.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization is a solution that allows multiple "different operating systems" to be installed and executed simultaneously on a hardware system.

  • Data Center and Network Support

    Data Center is a set of servers, communications infrastructure, security and electronic equipment that is used to provide, maintain, and support network services.

Unique service

  • The possibility of making free calls through the website with the VOIP system
  • Connect telegram robot to VOIP call center
  • Connect the Web and Call Center to VOIP and CRM
  • Virtualization of servers and data center design
  • Change Site Content via Telegram Robot
  1. What is CRM?
    1. ncrease your customers.
    2. Sell them more.
    3. Know them better.
    4. Increase advertising costs.


  2. Why VOIP?
    1. Connect to telegram robot
    2. Use as an organization’s turnaround and booking system
    3. Make a conference call
    4. Cheaper telephony calls
    5. And…


  3. Network Virtualization Objectives
    1. Data Center integration and reduced energy consumption
    2. Simple solutions to solving complex problems
    3. Increase CPU productivity from 5 to 15% to 60 to 80%
    4. Centralized management of data center infrastructure
    5. And …
  4. Web Design

    A website can vary depending on the amount of budget, type of activity, and the applications you expect. Some of these features are commonly available on most sites, and others are tailor made and tailored to your needs.

    Network processor tandis aria, with its expert staff and creative programmers, designs the website in accordance with the most up-to-date design and programming methods according to the security and display standards.

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