Services IT

  • VOIP telephone system

    VOIP is a new generation of telecommunication solutions designed to eliminate constraints, new features, reduce costs, manage and control telecommunications, and many other new technologies that have enabled the VoIP system to be the only way for large companies to eliminate constraints. Telecommunication companies, therefore, Iranian IT companies are proud to introduce the WIP system at various levels of consulting, design and implementation in the country.

  • Microsoft CRM

    Customer relationship management helps the organization manage its communication with its customers in an organized way. A simple example of CRM is a database containing customer information for an organization that management and sales staff or organization services can use to tailor their customer needs to their products, remind them of their service needs, or can manage the correct management. Have time In this way, users can more accurately coordinate their daily activities.

  • Network Security

    The terms "network security" and "information security" are often used differently. The network's purpose is to authenticate the user, usually by a user name and a password. Not familiar with the users and employees of the organization helps the perpetrators. Easily enter a computer network to get confidential information from within or to commit malicious acts. As the Internet grows and information grows, the importance of network security increases.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization is a solution that allows multiple "different operating systems" to be installed and executed simultaneously on a hardware system. Virtualization provides the ability to isolate hardware from an operating system, which makes it possible to make optimal use of IT resources, more flexibility, and hardware independence. Several virtual machines with the same or different operating system can be installed together on the same hardware, each with its own hardware.

  • Data Center Setup and Network Support

    Data Center is a set of servers, communication infrastructure, security and electronic equipment that is used to provide, maintain, and support network services (Internet, Intranet, Extranet).