Special business companies

Business Solutions

Due to the fact that commercial and trading companies have different parts such as commerce, accounting, marketing, etc. Therefore, in such companies, the integration between the activities of the company is a priority of management decisions, so for the monitoring and reporting director The company's progress is of great importance

Aria's Artistic Statue is a company that lives with its customers and has gained experience from its customers and has succeeded in producing products according to the infrastructure and regulations of each company so that we can take steps to lower our customers' cost and efficiency.

According to the above, the products and services of the trading companies include:

  • Registering and directing tasks between managers and employees
  • Reporting and monitoring of online contacts
  • Automate the process of sending and receiving faxes
  • Reporting causes of failures or successes of projects and company clues
  • Reduce hardware and UPS costs by using hardware virtualization
  • Zeroing the cost of telephony between office branches and free phone calls
  • The productivity of the company's employees when the company does not have a physical presence with remote remote functionality