Specialty of marketing companies

Solutions for marketing companies

Due to the fact that the basis of the work of telephone and site marketing companies, the maximum productivity of telephony and the site in these companies is a priority.

Aria's Artistic Networking Company's policy is to live with its customers, and in this regard, has gained experience from its customers and has been trained to produce products according to the infrastructure and regulations of each company in order to reduce our customers' cost and efficiency. .

According to the above, the products and services of the trading companies include:

Automatic promotional calls with the so-called SMS with the help of voice messaging software that can make phone calls according to the number of lines of the company. Powerful comprehensive report, including successful and unsuccessful calls and registering the number from the user, and getting the report from Numbers taken by customers
Connect the site and company website to the company's telephone system using the Click 2 Call software. This system is one of the most attractive products a company can use to capture its customers and customers, to help customers get through the free call-to-call site, and communicate as quickly as possible between the customer and the sales manage
Company Telephony Telephony: This product is also a fascinating management capability that can provide instant reports of company or vendor calls to the manager
Customer Club: In this type of system, due to the special form of each company, you can connect each customer's user panel to the company's CRM software and use its integration capabilities
Caller ID: Each customer's phone is a symbol of the company's dynamic, which the customer can receive this sense of type of broadcast and connect to different parts
Super Intelligent Calling Cord: Depending on the programming environment available on VOIP, the client can communicate with company software by entering the code when in contact with the company, for example:
Repay debit or credit to the company's customers by entering their profile
Orders or requests for registration
Connecting the telephone system to the SMS panel (for companies that, in case of non-response, internalized the number, the customer's number will be sent to the operator's mobile phone to avoid contact)
Customer surveys and reporting
Intelligent queuing system and online logging of customers from expectations
The system for turning hotels and hospitals using HIGHTEL software
And ..