What is virtualization?

Virtualization is a solution that allows multiple "different operating systems" to be installed and executed simultaneously on a hardware system. Virtualization provides the ability to isolate hardware from an operating system, which makes it possible to make optimal use of IT resources, more flexibility, and hardware independence. Several virtual machines with the same or different operating system can be installed together on the same hardware, each with its own hardware. In this case, the virtual operating system can continue to operate, regardless of the hardware


Why do we use virtualization?

  1. Data Center integration and reduced energy consumption
  2. Simple solutions to solving complex problems
  3. Ability to run Windows, Solaris, Linux, and network operating systems and programs simultaneously on a server
  4. Increase CPU productivity from 5 to 15% to 60 to 80%.
  5. The ability to move a virtual machine from one server to another without the need for re-adjustments, which is vital in the process of migrating from old physical servers to new servers.
  6. The isolation of virtual machines is one way of promoting security. So that if a virtual machine is in trouble, it will not affect other machines
  7. Capable of capturing snapshots of all virtual machine conditions and returning to the same situation. This is very effective in educational and laboratory settings
  8. Centralized management of data center infrastructure
  9. A virtual machine will be able to run on any X86 server
  10. It can access all host hardware resources
  11. Ability to migrate from old operating systems (Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000) and transfer them to new hardware with newer operating systems
  12. The ability to designate multiple virtual machines as a team so that network administrators can shut them off, turn them on, stop, or get them to work
  13. Virtualization provides the ability to simulate hardware and will be able to use the ISO file as a CD-ROM and vmdk files as hard disks
  14. Virtualization makes it possible to use Natting instead of Bridging






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