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(VOIP  (Voice Over IP 


The idea of owning a private telecommunication center in the size and size of your organization, with the ability to provide you with a secure and unrestricted connection to your company and organization with no fixed and mobile costs anywhere in the world


VOIP is a new generation of telecommunication solutions designed to eliminate constraints, new features, reduce costs, manage and control telecommunications, and many other new technologies that have enabled the VoIP system to be the only way for large companies to eliminate constraints. As a result, the IR Iranians are proud to provide the VoIP system at various levels of consulting, design and implementation in the country

  • Make free calls between offices and branches anywhere in the world (dedicated offices and branches)
  • Automatic and Smart Response at Different Levels (Switching Systems, Value Added ...)
  • Use mobile phones as the company's intranet lines all over the world
  • Connect Voip system to web-based CRM (customer relationship) software
  • Ability to make group calls and automatically broadcast audio messages
  • Use as a central and telephone center with more and more facilities
  • On video calling (regardless of telecommunication facilities)
  • Send and receive faxes without the need for a fax machine
  • Ability to monitor and track calls and lines
  • Creating a fully secure and private telephone network
  • Ability to define a secretary in more than 10 layers
  • Possibility of development to the infinity of the interior
  • The ability to create voice vouchers
  • Ability to create polls
  • Ability to record conversations




نمودار رشد کاربران سیستم  VOIP  در کشور آمریکا

The growth chart of VOIP users in the US